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Dress Code

Appropriate Dress:

  • Clothing that is worn as designed and covers all private parts of the body, including midriffs and backs
  • Clothing that fits properly and does not expose undergarments
  • Clothing that is the appropriate length; hemlines no shorter than mid-thigh for shorts and skirts
  • Clothing that is free of excessive holes, rips, and tears that expose private areas of the body or undergarments
  • Clothing that is part of an extra-curricular activity that has been approved by the building principal
  • Clothing, paraphernalia, and jewelry that contains appropriate messages, free of references to sexually suggestive activity, drugs, and alcohol, gangs, or are obscene and profane, hateful, or disruptive to the learning environment
  • Shoe choice should take into account student safety on the playground and when participating in PE. 

Inappropriate Dress:

  • Spaghetti strap (less than 1") tank top

Examples of Acceptable vs Unacceptable Attire